DionCoin Blockchain

Dioncoin is an innovative and world’s first business model that can create an organic ecosystem in real world based on Dioncoin and gives mutual economic benefits to companies & clients with connecting company point(mileage).

"The most obvious way to predict the future is to create your own future."
- Abraham Lincoln, Peter Drucker, Alan kay

Business Model

Current Point Model

Can be used only for the company or franchises
Can not be used for the other companies (franchises) or personal purposes

DionCoin Business Model

Can be used for affiliated companies and cashing through exchange
Unlimited usage for P2P & regions (countries)

Under the current point(mileage) system, the points are given to the customers who buy products or services. The customers only can use the points for the company and there are the term of validity & limited usage conditions. But,DionCoin for the current point(mileage) can be used for the company and the other companies. Also, it can be used for the various places and there are no limited quantity and the term of validity.
Moreover, the value of holding DionCoin will be increased . It makes profits and it makes the customers have special fun, which is a big difference from the current point(mileage).
Also, DionCoin can be cashed through an exchange like the other cryptocurrencies and released to the others with transactions. Like this, DionCoin can complement the demerits of the current point(mileage) epochally and it has a self flowing system, which is a distinguished service comparing with the other cryptocurrencies. The value will be increased continuously with business expansion.

Patent application number 10-2019-0003350 (METHOD FOR PROVIDING MILEAGE USING CRYPTOCURRENCY)


  • The program which give Dioncoin to the customers who buy
  • Giving DionCoin to the same value with the current points(cash back, mileage)
  • With using Dion wallet, managing the coins easily in mobiles
  • The program which give DionCoin to the customers for online AD compensation
  • Giving DionCoin for the various online AD(banner, video, event etc) consumption
  • With franchises, making cooperation and cross advertising
  • Giving DionCoin for attending online game or winning
  • Giving DionCoin for winning for online game league or tournament
  • For easy attending, developing and providing API system that can be used easily in online game developers


  • Purchasing online contents(app, music, game, etc) at the real time price of DionCoin
  • Strategic guiding service for developers with the lowest online contents trade fee (Google & Apple trade fee :30% => DionCoin: ±8%)
  • For easy attending, developing and providing API system that can be used easily for service developers
  • The program that supports immediate offline payment by connecting DionCoin with POS company
  • Planning real time payment by Dion wallet with QR code or bar code scanning
  • Supporting PF(Project Financing) investing program for movie, game, music with using unmodified program of blockchain (expanding business scope)
  • Investors(funding participants ) can expect mental satisfaction & economic profits (Revitalization DionCoin biz & good image making)
  • Planning self- service

DionCoin Technology Overview

Blockchain Based
Real time Updates
Smart Contract

DionCoin Security
DionCoin is running dPOW method which is a connection POS and POW. dPOW by DionCoin is reusing hash. In other words, DionCoin makes it possible that beat coin and blockchain at the same time through dPOW method. It makes DionCoin have double security effect. So, for attacking DionCoin, DionCoin blockchain should be changed. However, it is almost impossible so it is very safe for hacking or security matters. Thus, there is a high security guarantee for using beat coin hash. Also, DionCoin can play a role for connecting with the other blockchains through platform and the users can enjoy lower trade fees.

DionCoin CryptoConditions
DionCoin CryptoConditions are using Interledger Protocol that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is using. This is a message that allows customers to easily share their order processing with other ledgers, providing irrefutable evidence that a transfer has occurred in one ledger. This can result in conditional funding or conditional transfer. This means that the director performs the transfer automatically when the specified conditions are met. Here, our encryption conditions (Crypto Conditions) implement a mechanism to develop smart contracts on Bitcoin protocol-based block chains.

DionCoin uses the code protocol of Zk-SNARK, based on Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge to prove ownership of certain information without disclosing sensitive information. For example, you can protect sensitive information by using a secret key that does not interact with the authentication device without disclosing information.

About DionWallet

Dion Wallet is an electronic wallet that can store, manage and transfer DionCoin.
  • Turn points into DionCoin easily and conveniently through Dion Wallet
  • Realization of coexistence with other cryptocurrency by registering global AGAMA wallet
  • Extreme security enhancements such as malicious attacks on the outside, information seizing on the network
  • Provides native wallets with various platform drives and QR code recognition
Android wallet
AGAMA wallet
Tyslin wallet

+ Issuing Amount : 3,900 Million

+ Reserve Fund : 1,170 Million

+ Public Sale : 585 Million

Reserve Fund
Advisor, Partner
Development Team
Founder, Initial Investors
Usage Plan for Sold DionCoin
Development & Operation Expense
Reserved Amount
Legal Requirement

Dion Roadmap

Research Blockchain system

Research Blockchain biz model

Research ICO related market

Research ICO related laws

Opening DIONPAY PTE.LTD. Singapore Corp.

Investing contract with Japanese company

Complete DionCoin developing

Complete BlockExplorer Developing

Opening Korean office

Registration DionCoin to AGAMA multi wallet

Completion of DionCoin mining

Developing wallet for DionCoin

Opening Dubai R&D center

Opening Japan office

Starting private sale

Planning e-Sports for using DionCoin (Japan)


Patent application number 10-2019-0003350

System for exchanging, payment of mileage/point

Completion of smart contract

Contract promotion with exchange

Testing API system for online contents

Release API system for online contents

Holding e-Sports with using DionCoin (Japan)

Opening Cloud funding site



디온페이 “韓 블록체인 기술력으로 日 기업에 300억 투자유치”

핀테크 벤처기업 디온페이(Dionpay Pte.Ltd)가 한국의 블록체인 기술력으로 일본의 기업에서 300억 원의 투자유치를 이뤄냈다고 밝혔다.관계자에 따르면, 지난 7월 25일 일본기업 엑스타임(Extime Inc)과 30억 엔( 한화 약 300억 원)의 투자계약을 체결했다.

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[현장+]“불편한 마일리지 포인트, 암호화폐로 바꾸자”

마일리지 포인트, 사용 불편해 매년 1/3 자동 폐기
암호화폐로 바꿔도 사용에 불편 없고 소비자 편의는 개선
“암호화폐 두려워 말고 활용 방법 고민해야”

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디온페이, 두바이 R&D센터 설립

디온페이가 두바이에 연구개발(R&D)센터를 설립했다. 디온페이는 전략 시뮬레이션 게임 카운터블로로 게임업계에 새로운 장을 열었던 시노조익 김성민 대표가 싱가포르에 설립한 블록체인 전문 기업이다.

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블록체인 기업 디온페이, 카페형 편의점 프렌차이즈 '개그스토리마트'와 MOU 체결

블록체인 전문 기업 디온페이(Dionpay Pte, 대표 김성민)가 카페형 편의점 '개그스토리마트'와 손잡고 사업확대를 꾀한다. 최근 디온페이 측은 개그스토리마트와 MOU를 전략적 업무협약(MOU)를 체결했다고 밝혔다.

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최유진 전문가의 오늘의 ICO'N_디온페이(DIONPAY)

포인트나 마일리지 대신에 사용할 수 있는 암호화화폐 디온코인을 소개합니다.

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디온페이, 日게임 개발사 덴유사와 MOU 체결

블록체인 전문 기업 디온페이(Dionpay)는 20일 일본의 게임 개발 회사인 덴유사(Denyusha)와 MOU를 체결했다고 밝혔다.

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DIONPay At Dubai Futuretech Decentralized 4.0

DION Company possesses specialized technologies that are different from other Blockchain companies, we provide more convenient service to our customers.

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世界初!ポイント・マイレージ交換目的とするDION COIN!登場! 眠っているポイント・マイレージを有効活用出来る交換特化型仮想通貨DION COINエコノミーコース

DIONPAY PTE.LTD.(本社:シンガポール 代表:キムソンミン)は、ブロックチェーンを用いてポイント及びマイレージを交換出来る“DION COIN”を発行致しました。“DION COIN”は企業が発行しているポイントやマイレージを仮想通貨に交換することができる、世界初の「ポイント・マイレージ交換特化型仮想通貨」です。

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디온페이, ‘Dubai futuretech decentralized 4.0.’ 행사 참가

두바이에서 전세계 블록체인 관련 전문 업체들이 참여한 ‘Dubai futuretech decentralized 4.0.’ 행사가 지난 21일, 22일 양일간 성황리에 개최됐다.

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世界初ポイント・マイレージ交換特化型仮想通貨DION COIN ! 「Dubai futuretech decentralized 4.0」招待参加エコノミーコース

DIONPAY PTE.LTD.(本社:シンガポール 代表:キムソンミン)は、ブロックチェーンを用いてポイント及びマイレージを交換出来る“DION COIN”を発行致しました。“DION COIN”は企業が発行しているポイントやマイレージを仮想通貨に交換することができる、世界初の「ポイント・マイレージ交換特化型仮想通貨」です。

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블록체인 전문 기업 디온페이(Dionpay Pte.Ltd.)가 다국적기업인 NES TECHNOLOGY사와 MOU를 체결했다.

디온페이와 업무 협약을 맺은 아랍에미레이트(UAE)의 NES TECHNOLOGY는 브라질에 본사를 둔 다국적 기업이다. NES TECHNOLOGY는 블록체인 개발 및 관련 분야에 대한 투자를 병행하고 있으며 최근 cryptocurrency 에 대한 관심이 높아지면서 기술력과 차별화된 마케팅 전략을 보유한 코인업체들을 발굴하여 투자하는 사업에 집중하고 있다.

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“DION COIN 発行元会社”DIONPAY.PTE.LTD”と“NES Technology社”と投資基本合意書締結のお知らせ

世界初!ポイント・マイレージ交換特化型仮想通貨“DION COIN”!発行元会社の”DIONPAY.PTE.LTD”は11月22日、 ブロックチェーン技術に投資するインターナショナル企業“NES Technology社”とブロックチェーン関連基本合意書締結!しました。

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디온페이, 일본 지사 오픈식 성료

블록체인 전문기업 디온페이(Dionpay Pte.Ltd.)가 11월28일 일본 도쿄에서 지사 오픈식을 개최했다. 디온페이는 한국최초의 전략 시뮬레이션 게임 `카운터블로` 로 한국 게임업계에 혜성처럼 등장했던 시노조익의 김성민 대표가 수년간의 연구결과를 바탕으로 싱가포르에 설립한 블록체인 전문 기업이다.

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“DION PAY PTE.LTD”は11月28日、ポイント・マイレージ発行企業対象、提携営業開始致します。それに伴い、日本営業事務所を開設致しました。エコノミーコース

世界初!ポイント・マイレージ交換特化型仮想通貨“DION COIN”!を開発・発行している“DIONPAY PTE.LTD (シンガポール 代表キムソンミン)は11月28日、日本における提携先との営業強化のため、日本営業事務所を開設しました。それに伴い、日本企業との提携を強化していく予定です。

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디온페이, 안드로메다게임즈와 전략적 업무 제휴 체결

△사진설명: 좌측 디온페이 김성민 대표, 우측 안드로메다게임즈 서양민 대표 디온페이(대표 김성민)가 온라인게임 전문 개발, 유통회사 안드로메다게임즈(대표 서양민)와 전략적 업무 제휴(MOU)를 맺었다. 양사는…

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영상 콘텐츠 제작사 산사픽처스, 블록체인 기업 ‘디온페이’와 MOU 체결

영상을 전문으로 기획, 제작하는 ㈜산사픽처스(대표 고은희)는 블록체인 기업‘디온페이(Dionpay Pte.Ltd. 대표 김성민)와 다양한 콘텐츠 개발을 위해 최근 전략적 업무협약(MOU)를 체결했다고 밝혔다.

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완전히 새로운 BM 'DionCoin’기대하셔도 좋아요

최근 블록체인 기술을 바탕으로 새로운 비지니스 모델(BM)을 들고 시장에 뛰어든 블록체인 전문 기업 디온페이(대표 김성민)가 화제다

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Hàn Quốc: Tiền mã hoá sẽ sớm thay thế hệ thống tích điểm truyền thống

Đăng kí thành viên và tích điểm khi sử dụng dịch vụ, mua hàng, không còn là xa lạ trong thời đại tiêu dùng ngày nay. Mỗi người trong chúng ta là thành viên của không dưới một tá cửa hàng quần áo, cà phê, spa,…Dẫn đến, trong ví chúng ta là chục chiếc thẻ thành viên, hay trên điện thoại là vài ứng dụng (app) tích điểm.

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Hàn Quốc: Tiền mã hoá sẽ thay thế hệ thống tích điểm truyền thống

Đăng kí thành viên và tích điểm khi sử dụng dịch vụ, mua hàng, không còn là xa lạ trong thời đại tiêu dùng ngày nay.

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DionCoin ký kết thành công với GTMC, đơn vị cung cấp máy ATM tại Việt Nam

Trang chủ » Dự án DionCoin » DionCoin ký kết thành công với GTMC, đơn vị cung cấp máy ATM tại Việt Nam

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Our Members

Kim Sungmin
  • Game Industry in Computer university in Japan (HAL)
  • Worked at Viccon (Inc)
  • Developed LG 3DO Alive war game “Eye of the Typhoon”
  • CEO of Cenozoic (Inc)
  • South Korea’s first strategy simulation game
  • Developed “Counterblow”, “Alien encounter”, “ZAX zone”
  • Game portal site [Joy land (www.joy-land.com)] service
  • Various game services including Korean chess “Alkkagi”, hopscotch
  • Online Galaga, Puzzle bubble online, “Ut-chat-sa Mat-go”, Poker
  • Real-time online soccer game “Zero cup” service
  • Export to Japanese game company “Hudson”
  • Yeonsei-Hyundai Sega Game design school
  • Curriculum making, game special class
An Chungbum
  • Business Administration in Yonsei University
  • Samsung Entertaiment Group, Samsung Corporation Internet Marketing
  • Sports Seoul / Skycast Strategic Planning Director
  • Daejeon Culture Industry Promotion Agency Business Manager
  • Representative of Idin Lab
Baik Seounghan
  • Hawaii Pacific University (BA) - Marketing
  • University of Hawaii (院) (MBA)
  • SEOHAN USA Inc. – Washington DC office (GM)
  • Green Ocean Inc. – Overseas Marketing (GM)
  • Centrate UAE Inc. – Abu Dhabi office (GM)
  • Addicted USA Inc. - New York office (Marketing director)
Yun Sukbu
  • Business Administration in Korea University
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Daewoo Securities Co.,Ltd.
  • Woori Investment & Securities Co.,Ltd. Director
  • Global Business Part
  • Branch manager of Woori Korindo Securities
Jacob Hyeon
  • 40 paper publications (5 SCIs) in domestic and international journals and academic conferences
  • 2009 Master of Engineering at CAU
  • 2011 Electronicss letter featured article
  • 2012 Completion of Engineering at CAU
  • 2015 bitcoin investment
  • Former Representative, Crypto Society, 2017 bitcoin mining company
  • 2018 EOS Hackerthone contest 3rd place as a ducatur Korea technology leader

Our Developers

Hermie Barit
PHP Developer
  • Web Developer for the past 10 years
  • Using PHP and Laravel in Linux
  • Environment. Skills: Web Applications, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Apache, Linux, HTML5, CSS and Java Script
Hassan Shahroon
Software Engineer
  • 5 Years Experience as Software Engineer in Technologies including
  • java Script, Angular,HTML5, NodeJS, Express and Docker. Working
  • In multiple methodologies, frameworks and Processes functional requirements.
Danish Rabbani
Software Engineer
  • 5 years Experience.
  • Web Apps: HTML, CSS and JavaScript,PHP, MySQL, Word press, Xampp.
  • Desktop Apps: C#, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio For C#.
  • Other Skill: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Windows, Linux, MS office Suit, SQL
Anwaar ul Haq
Blockchain Developer
  • 8 Years Experience as Software Developer
  • In Various Technologies including JavaScript, Angular, React Native, Redux, NodeJS, Express, SQL, NO-SQL, Docker and Blockchain based Frameworks
Mohammed Jasem
Web Developer
  • Web Developer for the past 5 year using
  • PHP and Laravel Skills : Web Applications, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Apache, Linux, HTML5, CSS and java Script
Lee Sangwoo
  • Pohang Institute of Technology Computer Engineering
  • Hanbit Micro System Co., Ltd.
  • Thrunet Shopping Co., Ltd.
  • Neowiz Co., Ltd.
Park Sungjin
Software Architect
  • School of Computer science, Fudan University
  • Pansoft company limited (china)
  • Founder International co. ltd. (china)
  • NHN Entertainment (korea)
Kim Chulmin
Software Engineer
  • Department of Computer Science, Hongik University
  • Eastern Networks Co., Ltd.
  • Hana Financial Co., Ltd.
Kim Hyungsoo
Software Engineer
  • KAIST Department of Computer Science
  • NHN Entertainment
  • LEfrIN Entertainment Inc. (LEfrIN Ent.)
Kwak Gunwoo
Graphic Designer
  • Graduated from Tokyo Communication Arts College Game Graphics
  • Rhythm Island launch Established M2 game mobile company
  • Google Play Store hit and legend released
Kim Kyungho
Web Designer
  • Graduated from Kaywon University Animation
  • Social Marketing / Package Design / Character Design
Nguyen Ngoc Linh
.NET Developer
  • Science & Natural University
  • Physic & Computer Science
  • 2008-2012
Nguyen Duy Hung
System Engineer
  • Colleges in Electric Power University
  • Electrical system
  • 2011-2015
Huynh Cong Chieu
Network Engineer
  • Sai Gon University
  • IT
  • 2009-2014
Nguyen Chi Cong
Security System
  • CTIM College University
  • IT
  • 2002-2005
Nguyễn Hải Phúc
  • Văn Hiến University
  • IT
  • 2008-2012

Trusted Advisors

Lee Hyojung
  • 2013 SBS acting award winner
  • Chairman of the Korea Broadcasting Actors Association
  • The first chairman of the Korean Federation of Popular Culture and Artists
  • Chairman of the 100 Society for Good Society
  • Chairman of the National Council for the Promotion of Cultural Industry
Kumon Hajime
  • CEO of MBS Institute lnc.
  • Creative Consultant of DTP and 3D-CG
  • Director Designer of Apple Presentation Center
  • 3D-CG based animation making, web site DB system development.
  • The Faculty of Industrial Sociology in Ritsumeikan University
Yamamoto Shunichi
  • General Manager of media part in Hoona Yukio group
  • M&A and Business Consultant Administration support of public-service corporations and social welfare corporations.
  • Served as ツインバード工業(東証2部)
  • The Faculty of Foreign language in Tokyo University
Tuyuki Chihiro
  • Founder of ECOSS Inc.
  • Developed Japan’s first Internet based credit card payment system
  • Global companies (Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Oracle etc) are major shareholders and the company grows as it has the best market share in Japan with its EC package
Watanabe Shinichiro
  • Founder of Entering-School-Academy when in the university.
  • CEO of Fashion company, Forest
  • CEO of Kimono company, Ray Collection
  • Politics and Economics of Waseda University
Takahashi Tuguo
  • CEO of Digital Adventure Inc. (listed on Nasdaq Japan.)
  • Executive Director of MTI(music.jp)
  • University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering
Abe koichi
  • Representative of Abe Koichi tax accountant office
  • Worked for British and French stock companies such as BNP Paris
  • Barclay Capital, and worked at banks for taxation and financial affairs
  • Tax Accountant
  • Member of tax accountant of Japan’s stock analyst association
  • The Faculty of Law in Hitocheu Bashi University
  • Master’s degree of law in Waseda Graduate School
Fujii Kazuhiro
  • Executive Officer of Treasure of Music Inc.
  • General Producer of “Charity concert of Celebration of 50th anniversary of UNESCO member”
  • Promoted Korean famous artist “Ryu Si-Won”
  • As the CEO of entertainment management company, developed Japanese famous actors
  • The Faculty of Literature in Jyoochi University
Kamino Koji
  • Global Stock and Fund Manager in London
  • Investment Advisor(SMA) at Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
  • General Manager of Management and Consulting team, focusing on educational foundation and management.
  • The Faculty of Law of Hitocheu Bashi University
John Lee
  • Digital SpotsToday CEO
  • Astin Entertainment Officer
  • etnews.com
  • Hyundai-Sega

Our Partners

Where To Find Us

Contact information

SINGAPORE 10 Anson Road #11-20 International Plaza, 079903

(Japan) 東京都千代田区神田錦織町3丁目15番5号 HKパークビル1(8階)

(Korea) 서울시 강남구 삼성동 114-1 몽베르빌딩 8층

(Dubai)Office 2408, 24th Floor Al- Manara Tower Business Bay, Dubai